Foodnap – The best recipes cooked by the best chefs in the world


Foodnap gives you the best recipes cooked by the best chefs around the world: moms! Foodnap will take you to some of the most interesting countries in the world and give you the very best local recipes cooked by the most experienced chefs, moms who have been handed down delicious traditional recipes for generations. Foodnap is a new kind of cooking show, we will be visiting these moms own kitchens and get local recipes from every corner in the world.

Foodnap was conceived by our producer’s passion for great food. Babak always thought that cooking shows presented difficult recipes by culinary chefs that are hard to follow. He wanted to see a cooking show with real food, cooked by real chefs – moms that have been cooking for their families for years! And wherever they were around the world, he would find them. He decided to take this notion to the next level by sharing the idea during a hike with his friend (and now host) Steffany. Steffany also loves good food, but can’t cook for her life! She loves learning how others cook delicious home made meals. They managed to put a crew of professionals together and got some sponsors to pay for their trips around the globe and have been to several different parts of the world exploring unique approaches to cooking.


Babak Sarrafan

With over twenty years of professional experience in the film and television business, Babak Sarrafan is an accomplished director, producer, designer, and editor. As a filmmaker of two award winning feature films Sting of Chance and Pizza Wars the Movie, he earned limited theatrical release and national DVD distribution. He has completed numerous award winning shorts, documentaries, and commercials.

He has directed and edited multi-award winning music videos for The Donnas, Mix Master Mike, Townsend, High on Fire, Natalise, Nuthouze, Christopher “Kid” Reid, Paloma and the Ruby’s and Mark-D with airplay on MTV, MTV Chi, VH1, CMC, and music related websites.

As an editor/designer/special effects artist, he has worked on:
Episodics such as Law & Order, Fame LA, Magnificent Seven, New York Undercover, Ultra Force, Soldier of Furtune, Pinky & the Brain, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Sailor Moon, and Sea Quest.

Specials such as the Oscars, the Emmys, Elizabeth Taylor Tribute, Sea World Special, Disney Special, the Ace Awards, American Film Institute Tribute, American Music Awards, and the Kennedy Center Honors.

Motion Pictures such as Independence Day, Fled, Stargate, 2-days in the Valley, Meteor-Man, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Swift Justice, Moll Flanders, Steel, numerous Movies of the Week, commercials, and Music Videos for Henry Rollins and Michael Jackson.

Corporate, promotional, educational, and global broadcast projects for Intel Corporation, Adobe, HP, and Samsung.

He is also a Professor, Radio-Television-Film degree Coordinator, and Director of Television and Film Production at San Jose State University. He has rebuilt the film department from scratch and has brought name recognition to the program.

teffany Boldrini

Steffany is the host of Foodnap and founder, host and producer of, a site that does video reviews of all kinds of eco-friendly and green household products.

She has been featured on several news, blogs and radio shows including: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Women Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Intuit, Triple Pundit,,, Hampton Roads, Discovering Startups, MNN, Almaden Times, Single Startups, IdeaMensch, Toledo University Environmentally Sound 760AM, KGO Radio, Web Talk Radio, Ode Magazine, Green Goddess, The Green Market, Engineering a Better World, Millennial Living, Glamorous Trash, Elbilen, 326Friendly, Landfair Furniture, Goal for the Green, Aqua Luna and Indybay. EcoBold was recently nominated one of the 11 Best Green Video Channels along with National Geographic and Science Daily.

Jim Orr, Director of Photography

Jim, a multi-Emmy award winner, has a great body of work that includes feature films, music videos, shorts, movies of the week, documentaries, and reality television. He is the Director of Photography for the hottest show Duck Dynasty (A & E.) His clients include Sony, Lions Gate, A&E, PBS, Spike TV, Discovery, Showtime, SyFy, The History Channel, and National Geographic. He’s a Hollywood veteran of film, high-definition, and digital cinema.

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And remember to take a nap after every great meal :)