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  • Persian Haleem

    Haleem is a popular Asian and Middle-Eastern food. Haleem has been around for centuries. And it is also known for some other names too e.g. Harees/Hareesa, Keshkek, Kichara or Daleem. The origin of haleem is not definite. But, Haleem is a star of Arabian, Turkish, Persian, Pakistani, Bengali and Indian cuisine. Today I will concentrate […]

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  • Turkey Meatballs

    I use to hate ground turkey smell and blandness! But, with spices, patience, and technique; this experiment worked well the first time This is a low fat alternative to red meat and the outcome is a great-healthy-delicious -moist meatball!  Ingredients: 1 lb of fresh ground turkey 1 Large raw egg ½ of a medium sized […]

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