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English Breakfast Recipe

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1/4 Can of Heinz Baked Beans (most popular dish in the UK!)
1 Egg
2 Large pieces of bacon
1 or 2 Large mushrooms
1 English banger sausage
1 Tomato Some
Vegetable oil or butter (1 tablespoon per grilling!)
2 Pieces of WHITE TOAST!

I started with cooking the bacon first: heat the pan without oil and just fry till it is done (not crispy!)
Then, sauté the cut mushrooms ( I added a little bit of fresh onions for a kick!)
Cut the tomato in half and grill it till it is done (soft and hot!)
Grill the banger in a small pan with a touch of oil (either add more oil or a little bit of water for moisture till it is cooked thoroughly!)
Pour the baked beans in a microwave safe plate and heat it up (usually 1-2 minutes.)
Fry the egg in a table spoon of oil or butter and it is your choice to flip it over or leave it sunny side up!
You can fry some white bread, use hash browns, or use tater tots for additional starch!
Toast your white bread! You hardly have to season anything since you will use the condiments (see below)  to flavor the dish.

Have butter and jam ready for the toast!
Heinz HP Sauce, Spicy Ketchup, and Coleman’s Mustard are a must for a full experience!

It is also nice to have everything with a cup of English Breakfast Tea and milk or if it is a British Premiere League game on with some kind of an ale :)

Time to hit the gym! Enjoy :)

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