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Pork Belly Tender Sandwich

Just visited the city of San Jose, California’s Night Market! The market is open on Saturdays  and runs between 6p-12am. It opened couple of weeks ago and will be going on for the rest of the summer. The market is modeled after Asian style night markets with two dozen food trucks supplying the hungry masses. There are some local arts and crafts items for sale as well. Good atmosphere indeed! There might be an hour+ wait in the lines for some items :0 We’ll be using some of the footage for our up coming Silicon Valley edition.

We tried the Pork Belly Tender sandwich and it was awesome :)
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Pork Belly Tender Sandwich
Servings:  12
1/2 cup kosher salt
1/2 cup sugar
4 1/2 cups water, divided
2 1/2 lb skinless boneless pork belly, cut into quarters
1/2 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth
12 gourmet hamburger buns (toasted is better!)
Some hoisin sauce, kimchee or cabbage (or cucumbers/scallions)

FOR THE PICKLES: Korean Kimchee or other pickled cabbage will do! If you don’t like spicy, try just boiling a few leaves of cabbage in water, 1 tablespoon of oil, and salt/pepper to taste till it is tender. You can also use sliced cucumbers and cut scallions!

Brine the pork:
Stir together kosher salt, sugar, and 4 cups water until sugar and salt have dissolved. Put pork belly in a large sealable bag, then pour in brine. Carefully press out air and seal bag. Lay in a shallow dish and let brine, chilled, at least 12 hours or leave it in the fridge over night.
Preheat oven to 300°F with rack in middle.
Discard brine and put pork, fat side up, in an 8- to 9-inch square baking pan. Pour in broth and remaining 1/2 cup water. Cover tightly with foil and roast until pork is very tender, about 2 1/2 hours. Remove foil and increase oven temperature to 450°F, then roast until fat is golden, about 20 minutes more. Cool 30 minutes, then chill, uncovered, until cold, about 1 hour.
Cut chilled pork across the grain into 1/4-inch slices. Chill slices in pan juices, covered, while toasting the hamburger buns.
To Serve:
Preheat oven to 350°F with rack in middle. Heat sliced pork (in liquid in baking dish), covered, until hot, 15 to 20 minutes.
Brush bottom half of each bun with hoisin sauce, then sandwich with 2 or 3 pork slices and some cabbage (or cucumber and scallions.)

Posted in finger food, food truck, sandwich on July 17, 2012.

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