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Real Food From Real Chefs: Foodnap Cooking Show Launches Today

Foodnap, a production of EAD Films, launches today a cooking show that highlights the best food cooked by the best chefs of the world: moms.¬†Typical cooking shows highlights recipes from trained chefs that create dozens of recipes per year, and who don’t really know how a delicious home cooked meal is done. is taking its cooking show to a different level by getting real recipes from real chefs: everyday moms from around the world that have been cooking meals for their families for years! Foodnap launches three episodes with recipes from three different food meccas:

Aachen, Germany
Shanghai, China
San Francisco, California

The shows take place at different locations around the the globe, it starts by going over local landmarks, local restaurants or street vendors. The second part is all about how to cook a typical local dish, as a local mom would do, starting by shopping at her local food market and cooking in her own kitchen (however small or large!).

“We want to change the way people cook. We want to show that real delicious local food is made by real people with years of home cooking experience!” Babak Sarrafan, the show producer and creator, says. The audience won’t need to have a culinary degree to cook some of the best dishes of the world. They can explore typical local recipes from around the world, step by step, and cook it at home.

Foodnap is directed, produced and edited by Babak Sarrafan, a multi-award winning Hollywood director that has worked on Independence Day, The Donnas, Michael Jackson, and done specials such as the Oscars and the Emmys to name a few.

Steffany Boldrini, the host, is a foodie at heart (and soul) and has been featured on several articles such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Women Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and others.

At Foodnap, cooking Chinese pork ribs or Brazilian feijoada is made easy by the very moms that cook them on a typical dinner night or at a holiday party. wants to give its audience the very best recipes around the world cooked by real local chefs: moms.

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Posted in blog on December 10, 2012.

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