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The English Breakfast Tale

Last week we had a chance to visit the UK to gain more foodnap knowledge :)
We visited the Kent area and had a beautiful home made full English breakfast at a local B&B. The couple who ran the place were kind, friendly, and great cooks! The night before they asked us what we would like for breakfast and unanimously we voted for the full English breakfast! Their modern version of the English breakfast consisted of a fried egg, two strips of wide bacon, fresh garden mushrooms, grilled tomato, English sausage, fried potato, baked beans, and toast! Accompanied with English breakfast tea and milk. We also had fresh fruit, apple juice, and orange juice! The meal was fantastic and we ate it all and were set till dinner :)

The next day we had breakfast at Leeds Castle’s restaurant. Their version was a little different! Fried egg, grilled tomato, wild mushroom, sausage, bacon, fried bread, and toast. Delicious! As a standard they have Heinz spicy ketchup and HP sauce on all the tables. I even tried the Coleman’s mustard with the sausage and it was superb!

There is very little information about when the English started combining all the ingredients that make up the full English breakfast.  The origin of the individual ingredients are known.
Before the tea was introduced to Britain, the English had two main meals, breakfast and dinner. Breakfast was ale, bread, and meat. It was not until the mid 17th century that tea first appeared in England.
In 18th century, Wilshire was the hub for herds of swine and was the supplier of pigs for curing. Half the pork was cured in brine solution (aka Wilshire cure) and produced a distinct taste that has became the norm in the English diet.
Method of frying the egg and the tomato came from China! On our last day in London, we tried another version of the breakfast plus an interesting addition: the black pudding!
European monks who called the product “bloodwurst” brought the item to England. It was when the monks visited Lancashire that the food was renamed “black pudding”.
In the near future I will make this breakfast from scratch (before a British Premiere Football League game which is usually in the early morning hours in Cali!)

Our full English breakfast recipe!


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